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I was in the same place last March as I have a special needs datueghr and 1 year old son. I needed to be home. I also had researched many so called opportunities and very skeptical of them all. I was introduced to Arbonne and it took me four months of researching before I realized that this was an amazing company with integrity and actualy paid well for my work and is residual meaning I do the work once and keep getting paid everytime someone reorders online. I met several ladies that were succesful and they were able to help train me and show me that this was real and based on my efforts. It is an amazing opportunity to start a home based business that if you follow a simple system achieve unbelievable success in a short period of time. Ite2€™s a stable, integrity oriented 26 year old company that has made an astronomical impact in WA and the US in the last year. What is exciting is the company just expanded to Canada in October and it is virtually an untouched country and this month will go into two more countries. As of May in Australia!Anyway, since we don't do parties or carry an inventory it is easy to be supported wherever you are to be successful. We have an amazing system. You can learn more at. Arbonne sells Swiss Formulated Pure, Safe and Beneficial products that are also Vegan Certified.. I joined Arbonne in March and it has changed my life. I am now free to stay home and be with my two kids. I would love to share these amazing products and opportunity with you. This is not a parties thing and we carry no inventory-we share the benefits of using Pure, Safe and Beneficial products and then teach people to order online at wholesale for themselves.I am so passionate about these products that I truly believe that every person and their family should be on them. I wouldn't have my family use anything else. They have something for everyone. Whether the business turns out to be a fit for people or not they are loving the products.It has been a wonderful blessing to allow me to be homeand I have promoted quickly. Don't get me wrong it takes work but it is on my schedule, its part time and I know it can be scary I had to realize that this is a business and needed to be treated like a business. There is not set investment fee. That's up to you and what you want to do with business and how quickly you want to promote. The other thing that has a huge benefit is that I didn't have to carry any inventory, or delivery products, or host parties. I simply share with people the benefits of Pure, Safe and Beneficial products, let them try a line in their home for a few days and then show them how to order online at a discount for themselves products are delivered direct to them. This fits my lifestyle and theirs. Anyway, hope this helps and feel free to contact me.
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