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Danka <> (Mittwoch, 07. August 2013 08:06)
According to me कि.बा. उपनाम अण्णा हज़ारे think that he is the only person in this enrtie universe who is only correct an intelligent what he is saying should be applicable to every one and if anyone oppose him then that person is corrupt and criminal. this is simply non-sense it is true that he has portrait a very serious issue of corruption in front of every one and government and i congratulate him. But he is now become arrogant as if anyone oppose his view then he become evil for him, secondly he is portrait himself as Gandhi ji which is supported by their team member i know all the member of the team Anna need each other to fulfil their personal goal whether shasi bhushan or prashant bhushan , Kejariwal, kiran bedi. they thought that JanlokPal bill should be passed for the mob by the mob. they must think once that in the enrtie population of 121 billion people they are the only one who have the knowledge and other are dump and what they are saying is correct if any one try to oppose them he or she is corrupt this is not fair. i dont know who have elected them as the representative of civil society they are self acclaimed representative of civil society. why they are abusing all politician so much i dont understand i know all the team member have their own goal to become popular want to be included in the text book on NCERT

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