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Glenx <> (Montag, 05. August 2013 03:39)
Dear Annaji,I have a serious retoamendmcion (which I Don't know if it will reach you).You are getting into a trap by the govt, please be aware. The govt has deliberately not accepted the three demands of CBI, grade IV employees, and PM.The govt in the end is going to accept the demand of PM and Grade IV employees and ask you also to come down, which will be a major defeat. So my retoamendmcion is GO for CBI and leave the other two demands. To avoid being branded, I shall justify the same.1. Getting PM in the ambit of lokpal is not going to achieve much, except psychological effect, which will be minimal (unless Mayawati becomes a PM). With the entire state machinary under his control, PM can subvert all documents to change evidence etc. So the effort is not worth it. Also, mostly PMs are decent.2. Having class IV employees, will divert the attention of lokpal from the top echelons, since population deals with them and lokpal will be innundated with complaints against them. Instead, the higher echelons be made responsible for corruption under them. So if the traffic inspector / havildar takes bribe, the SP/DSP can be held responsible as he is their leader. Moreover, moment the top echelon becomes honest, the lower echelons will be forced to become.3. CBI, is the most important tool in investigations and has been made incompetent by deliberately sabotaging the investigations. this if corrected, both your above problems will be sorted out.SO, please leave PM and Class IV employees and focus on CBI for best benifit.Another clause which needs to be included is, that the lokpal cannot be anyone who has worked in the govt either political or administrative. Hence a selection process needs to be streamlined (the present CEC is an apt example of how the best organisations can be subverted by Congress.
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Yours is a clever way of thinking about it.

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