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Lauryn <> (Freitag, 05. Oktober 2012 22:02)
There are a ton of work at home options.There are jobs that you can do from home, there is tneecommutilg, and then as was suggested, starting a home based business.The first and best place to look is at That site has a TON of information on every kind of work at home job you can think of. Browse that site a little, read their forums and you'll get some good ideas on what is legit, what is a scam, what works and what doesn't.Some ideas that come to mind that you can do are: virtual assistant, day care/babysitting, direct sales/home parties, Blogging about a subject you love (take some time to build income, but it is possible).I'm a single (recently divorced) Stay at Home Mom, and I found my niche in direct sales. I don't recommend that for everyone, but it works for me. I don't want a job that I do at home, for a boss; I want my own business where I set my own hours, decide when I want to work, how much money I want to make, etc.When I was looking for what to do and asking much the same questions you are asking, I went directly to the site. I think you'll find it very helpful in your search.Best wishes!Janette ReinkeWAHM, single mom of 2 girlsPassion Parties by JanetteEmpowering Women from the Bedroom to the Bank!
jatdjjqvk <> (Samstag, 06. Oktober 2012 16:38)
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szwpupzjkv <> (Samstag, 06. Oktober 2012 22:47)
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pjowmsa <> (Montag, 08. Oktober 2012 09:36)
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